Tourist Details Kish Island

Kish Island is a flat land devoid of any significant natural elevation. Its highest point, located in the eastern part, is about 45meters above sea level. Therefore, the shores extend to the sea with a relatively easy slope. There are shallow scars in the land itself which is the result of erosion by the flow of surface water during the winter - time's heavy rain falls. However, the island's beaches, coming about mainly due to the sea's direction and its waves, can be divided into two distinct
      1- Rocky reefs in the western and northern section
      2- Flat sandy beaches in the southern and mainly eastern section

Conducted by the National Iranian Oil Company, a geological   topography has identified the types of rocks the same as the Bakhtiari conglomerate in southern part of Iran. The topography and  ensuing study dated formation of the island even before the Jurassic   period.